30-second App Builder

App Builder

Turns your Google Sheets and Excel data into
fully functional mobile apps in less than a minute. No coding needed.

The Struggle of Editing Sheets on Mobile

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Compare Sheet vs AppAlloy
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Compare Sheet vs AppAlloy

Simplified Power
at Your Fingertips

Minimal Configuration

With zero configuration, connect your data and receive a ready-to-use app instantaneously.


Ready to use with zero configuration


List, search, and edit your data through a user-friendly mobile interface.

Maximal Customization

Our platform empowers you to shape your app exactly how you envision it.


Drag & drop editors


Huge components library to choose


Boundless creativity with Power Fx

Seamless Collaboration

Streamline communication with row-specific feedback.

Zero Configuration App

Works Offline

Ensure uninterrupted productivity, regardless of connectivity.

Zero Configuration App

Stay Updated

Receive notifications for any updates in your app or data, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Zero Configuration App

Form Scanning

Transform paper forms into digital data with our smart scanning feature.

Zero Configuration App

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Be among the first to redefine what your data can do for you. The future of no-code app development arrives this April.